[Samba] Newbie Question - can users create directory on thier own from Win Client ???

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Tue May 8 10:17:15 GMT 2007

Silly question actually.  :)

Basically, if a Windows client can do it while connected to a Windows 
server, they can do it while connected to a Samba server. This is a 
basic permissions issue. If the client has permission to create a 
directory on the share, it should work. The easiest way to set Windows 
permissions is to log on from a Windows client with a Domain 
Administrator account and set the group permissions, etc. from there.

Mike Rushton wrote:
> First some background -
> We got an old, tired PII, 233 server running NT 4.0
> We have a Compaq Proliant that is a quad 550 Xeon CPU, 4 GB, 320 GB of 
> HD, a tape drive etc.   It formerly was an Oracle Server that had SCO 
> UnixWare 7 on it.  Currently it is having a problem - bad controller 
> card, but we intend to get it fixed.  (Not sure if UnixWare comes with 
> Samba or what version to use, but we also can get out hands on Red Hat 
> Enterprise Linux)   
> The Idea is to put some sort of Unix / Linux on it and Samba, and 
> replace the NT 4.0 machine.
> Although we have some work ahead of us, I was wondering, if you set up 
> a shared directory on a machine, can user create a directory in it on 
> their own from a client Windows machine ????
> If it is not easy for the users to work with, they will not like it. ...

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