[Samba] slightly OT: LDAP Server

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon May 7 22:23:48 GMT 2007

> we are currently looking for a Ubuntu server setup (ideally v. 6.06) 
> with authentication and authorisation based on OpenLDAP for all 
> services. The needed services are Samba (PDC), Apache (htaccess), Squid, 
> OpenXchange, NIS.
> Does someone have such a setup and is willing to share?
> We don´t want to reinvent the wheel since time is money :)

Yes, we use OpenLDAP for all authentication (including
OpenGroupware.org), DNS, DHCP, Samba, Apache, and various internal

There isn't much to share;  it is all just putting together the pieces,
and despite all the whining you may encounter from lazy shlubs you don't
read documentation, very well documented.


And ditch NIS.

Adam Tauno Williams, Network & Systems Administrator
Consultant - http://www.whitemiceconsulting.com
Developer - http://www.opengroupware.org

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