[Samba] Re: mount windows xp share

Kevin Gutch kgutch at protechemail.com
Mon May 7 16:11:31 GMT 2007

I would like to be able to setup shares i n the following manner.

I want a basic root share folder. Let's say it is the /Home directory. 
This will be a shared drive for all users on our network. Everyone will 
have read access. Under this folder
will be several shared folders that are user specific. I have done this 
but it seems that the /Home directory overwrites the read attribute for 
all other directories.
I do not want some of the sub directories to be browsable by certain  

Does anyone have any idea how to change this? Does any of this make 

Here is an example of my conf file.

   comment =   Share Home
   path = /home
   valid users  =  List of valid users
   read only = No

   comment = Marketing Share
   path = /home/marketing
   admin users =  List of valid users
   valid users =  List of valid users
   read list =     read only = No

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