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Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Thu May 3 22:24:19 GMT 2007

On 2007/05/03 17:32 (GMT+0100) John G Walker apparently typed:

> I installed samba on a PC running SuSE 10.2, using the version from the
> SuSE 10.2 repository (3.0.23). All very nice, except smbmount is
> missing.

> As I understand it, this would seem to be because the version offered
> had not been compiled with the  --with-smbmount option.

> Is my interpretation correct? And if so, how can I fix things? Do I
> have to download the source and do my own compilation (urrgh)? Or is
> there a version on a repository somewhere compiled with the
> --with-smbmount option?

> I didn't have this problem with either SuSE 10.0 or 10.1,

SUSE wants you to use cifs instead of smbfs, but if you can't get cifs to
work right, you can recompile the kernel to enable smbfs. I don't remember
exactly the details of getting smbmount back, so I asked on freenode and got
the following:

13:22 <a-865> kukks: what did we do to get smbmount back in SUSE 10.2?
	14:41 <kukks> a-865: You have to download the samba-client - possibly Suse
even dropped stuff from that.
	you need:
	14:42 I always use the samba3 svn source and build all stuff myself
	14:44 <kukks> Then 2 symlinks must be set in /sbin to allow the basic mount
cmd to work:
	mount.smbfs -> /usr/bin/smbmount
	umount.smbfs -> /usr/bin/smbumount
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