[Samba] Vista Roaming Profiles and GPMC.MSC

Tom Robinson trobinson at intelligentspace.com
Fri Mar 30 15:30:59 GMT 2007

Hi All

Our company got a Windows Vista installed laptop even though we ordered 
it with XP. Now I'm faced with the task of integrating the beast into 
our samba controlled domain. Something I was hoping to delay for some time.

Our PDC is samba 2.2.8a with openldap 2.1.4
We also have a Domain Member Server running samba 3.0.10.

There is a document on the Microsoft site that I downloaded 
explaining how to do folder redirection so that at least some of the 
XP/Vista profile will roam. To do this you have to logon to Vista as a 
"Domain User" and run GPMC.MSC. The problem is that, even though I logon 
as a domain user (DOMAIN\user) the GPMC.MSC issues the warning:

  "To manage Group Policy, you must log on to the computer with a domain 
user account."

With samba 2.2.8a we have no "Domain Users" group. Could this be the 
problem? How would I add this group to the PDC?

Is there a workaround for this?

Any help is appreciated.



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