[Samba] smbclient and -W... when do I need it?

Andreas Gredler jimmy at g-tec.co.at
Thu Mar 29 18:40:49 GMT 2007


I'm a little bit confused. All the time I never had to use the domain
name with -W or -U domain/username when connecting to win PDCs with
smbclient. But a few days ago a PDC refused my login name when 
I didn't use the domainname. Ok, it's easy to simply try with -U
username and if it doesn't work to use domain/username. But I got
curious what might be the reason for that behaviour. Does it matter if
the PDC is win2000 or win2003? Does the config of the PDC matter?
I'd be glad if someone could give me a hint.
(The domainname in smb.conf was never the real domainname and the
NetBios name of the server to connect was also different).

greets Jimmy

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