[Samba] Migration to Samba from Windows 2000

Kevin Blackwell akblackwel at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 00:38:30 GMT 2007


I'm attempting to migrate from a Windows 2000 domain operating in
native mode to samba.

Yea, I know I'm screwed because Windows is operating in native mode,
but I know there has  got to be a way around it.

My first thought is to build another domain controller, have it join
the domain as a new forest. But now I seem to be running into the problem
of the DC server being in native mode and the new server being in
mixed mode. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Actually, after that, I'm out of ideas. I can't use net rpc vampire
because windows is operating in native mode so that does not work.

I could possibly use an ldap browser and and export the information I
need, but little fuzzy on the info I need. I know from initial trials
that you can't simply export AD then do a import into ldap. That would
just be to simple anyways.

Anyways, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance folks.


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