[Samba] Updating System Policy Templates / ie7 adm found

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Fri Mar 23 01:37:26 GMT 2007

Mike Petersen schrieb:
> Thanks for all of the links, I can't read German but I did manage to get
> some info from them.  Also thanks for the link to the article on the new
> admx format - I don't know why MS is changing everything to something x
> (docx, xlsx and now admx) - I preferred the old format anyway, the
> Microsoft Engineers just made it extremely confusing reading their
> policy templates.  Which turned out to be just fine for me because
> unfortunately I cannot base any of my policy template work off of any
> current Microsoft Templates - I contacted them about it 2 years ago,
> before I started working on my Custom Policies (just to be sure it was
> alright) and at first they were OK about it, but after a while I was
> contacted again to not base any work off of any policies they created
> (Go figure).
> So when I created my custom policy templates last time I simply searched
> the web for any registry settings that people were using to adjust
> Windows behavior, then implemented those as a policy.
> For the ones I didn't find I simply ran an Un-installer program to track
> registry changes to the system as I adjusted settings.  This is what I
> will probably have to do with the IE7 policies since there are very few
> references to registry settings regarding Internet Explorer 7 yet.
> Also, for the IE7 policies I am going to try to start doing those at the
> beginning of next month, the Vista policies will probably have to wait a
> little longer (especially since no one seems to want to deploy Vista
> anyway).
> So if you want any specific policy for IE 7 just let me know and I will
> try to implement it.  I will also try to keep an eye on the mail list.
> Thanks again,
> Mike Petersen
> mgpeter at pcc-services.com
Hi Mike, the main question is
how to server the new admx format with a recent samba pdc ( my short
overflow seems that they are stored in a different place, i maybe fail
here), also
i think if you wanna install a mixed setup with winxp and vista
which isnt recommended anyway you have deploy both adms and admxs
configured in the same way, as the complexity with configurations
possible in policies this doesnt seem very easy done.
So anyway the possibility to serve admx (or equal)should be included
in samba 4 as it should work as active dir controller.
So thats the question to the samba gurus.
Maybe at interim reg patches ( or extracted from adms/x) will do the
job, but i think
they have to be different in xp and vista, also the admx migrator should
As i understood the format change was made to near the admx programming
language to other programming languages and simplify writing of it.
in my eyes it just another example that windows version are not really
compatible and shot users to upgrade their whole network .
It dosnt make me wonder that m$ dont want you to create adms,
in my eyes the dont wanna people doing free unlicend stuff
anymore, so 2 days ago the pressed some windows friendly sites to get
off their offline update packs for xp from the web.

In the ie7.adm from gruppenrichtlinien.de should be allready some
specials in, like configure search engine ( this what i read in parts
there )
Sorry i havent a good english site for you.
But i rememeber there where a few unfree tools creating adms, maybe they
upgraded to admx edit

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Best Regards

Robert Schetterer


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