[Samba] Updating System Policy Templates / ie7 adm found

Mike Petersen mgpeter at pcc-services.com
Fri Mar 23 00:53:37 GMT 2007

Thanks for all of the links, I can't read German but I did manage to get
some info from them.  Also thanks for the link to the article on the new
admx format - I don't know why MS is changing everything to something x
(docx, xlsx and now admx) - I preferred the old format anyway, the
Microsoft Engineers just made it extremely confusing reading their
policy templates.  Which turned out to be just fine for me because
unfortunately I cannot base any of my policy template work off of any
current Microsoft Templates - I contacted them about it 2 years ago,
before I started working on my Custom Policies (just to be sure it was
alright) and at first they were OK about it, but after a while I was
contacted again to not base any work off of any policies they created
(Go figure).

So when I created my custom policy templates last time I simply searched
the web for any registry settings that people were using to adjust
Windows behavior, then implemented those as a policy.

For the ones I didn't find I simply ran an Un-installer program to track
registry changes to the system as I adjusted settings.  This is what I
will probably have to do with the IE7 policies since there are very few
references to registry settings regarding Internet Explorer 7 yet.

Also, for the IE7 policies I am going to try to start doing those at the
beginning of next month, the Vista policies will probably have to wait a
little longer (especially since no one seems to want to deploy Vista

So if you want any specific policy for IE 7 just let me know and I will
try to implement it.  I will also try to keep an eye on the mail list.

Thanks again,
Mike Petersen
mgpeter at pcc-services.com

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