[Samba] Configuring pam with mkhomedir.so

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Sat Mar 17 05:41:03 GMT 2007

Does anyone have an example of this or a better explanation? I have Samba set up to authenticate to a Server 2003 AD and it seems to work great aside from this. I can create the folder manually, but that is the same as creating the user and I dont' want to do that for everyone already in the AD. Plus it is for a LTSP so it is only going to store home directorys on one server. Also how do I map to a windows share that is based on the user name on each log in? I have not trouble opening the folders manually, but I need it for each individual user automatically.
For example: 
username: fred
AD home directory: //br2/fred$
I am unsure how mapped drives work in linux yet, in our windows workstations we simply have a link to that on the desktop. G:/(My Files) = //br2/fred$
Thanks for the help.

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