[Samba] Kerberos + Windows XP + Samba

Gustavo Rios vieira.rios at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 01:48:16 GMT 2007

Dear list members,

i am trying to implement SSO solution on my windows network. Right
now, for testing purposes, i have setted a kerberos server to
authenticate my users. Using this kerberos server, i am able to log on
any of my unix workstations. Users information is retrieve from nis
and the authentication process is performed by keberos on its all.

Done so with unix, i starting testing with my windows XP. I configured
one windows desktop using ksetup program. All local accounts is mapped
to the kerberos realm for authentication purposes. It worked like a
charm. I login into the windows, once logged, i start pputty ssh.
Since a tickets has been granted on windows XP box, it is used to
allow my local users to log into the other unix server without
requesting a password. It a realm SSO 100% functional.

Of course, for it to work i have to select into the windows logon
interface the kerberos realm for SSO authentication.

Now, i would like to add a samba server. But when i do so, i have to
logon to its domain so loosing the SSO functionality. Once
authenticated through the samba realm i don't have a ticket granted,
so after having my session authenticated without SSO i have to provide
a password to the ssh putty to log into the unix server. That's one
thing i would like to avoid.

Is it possible with the current stable version of samba to have the
normal SSO funcionality totaly integrated within samba.

thanks in advance.

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