[Samba] Permissions/ACL's being ignored by Windows clients

Wes Harden wes at elementlabs.com
Thu Mar 15 17:38:22 GMT 2007


I have a Samba PDC with LDAP backend and the domain works quite well, except
for the permissions on the main data share...

I have been able to grant full control for my domain admin user, and read
access works fine for other users/groups, but any write access I grant seems
to get ignored.

For example, the Accounting folder on the root of the share is owned by the
Accounting group on the server and full control permission has been given
through the security tab on Windows for the folder; but any user in the
Accounting group cannot write to the folder. I have double checked with
getfacl that the acls are being written and it looks fine, but just simply
doesn't allow for writing.

I'm not sure where to start debugging on this, but I have checked that
everything is good for acl's on my reiserfs volume and samba is compiled
with all the right flags.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated and I will be happy to post my
configs if needed.


Wes Harden

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