[Samba] Move local profile to domain profile.

Dennis McLeod dmcleod at foranyauto.com
Wed Mar 14 22:57:01 GMT 2007

Ok, I got the W2K3 resource kit tool to move my local profile to my domain
profile (moveuser.exe). Didn't really work that cleanly.
Even though I used the /k (keep the local account), it didn't really. It
seemed to change the permissions on MOST of the files.
It didn't really move the files either. It's just pointed my profile (or
parts of it) to the existing folder. Can't really go back now.
It didn't do My Documents and lower.
I had to log out, log is as domain administrator, and take ownership of
those files.
Even then, it lost some of my passwords (which is ok with me).
Does anyone have a nice CLEAN way to migrate the local profile to a domain
(something automated, perhaps...)
How about using the right click on My computer on the desktop, advanced tab,
User Profiles button, and copy to.
Has anyone tried that?
I supposed I'll need to re-image my machine and try it...

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