[Samba] roaming profile not uploaded correctly when logging out for the first time

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Wed Mar 14 12:42:44 GMT 2007

Jason Baker schrieb:
> I experienced this same issue and it turned out to be a permissions 
> problem in the windows client. I had copied some files from the users 
> old machine profile to their new domain profile and then logged out. It 
> complained that it could not write to the roaming profile. I went back 
> into the account, in your case it would be C:\Documents and 
> Settingsd\user\SendTo\31/2Floppy(A).lnk and right click the file and go 
> to Sharing and Security. You need to make sure the domain user has read 
> write access to that file. After I changed the permissions, logout was 
> successful.

Hmm, this must be something else.

First of all, it happens for Windows 2000 SP4 clients, German version (I 
didn't check XP or any other language versions).

In my case, permissions on a Windows side are surely not a problem - the 
error happens for newly created accounts from a freshly installed 
Windows machine.

Second weird thing, is that it only happens for files stored in:

C:\Documens and Settings\username\SendTo

If I move contents of the SendTo directory somewhere else (i.e., to 
user's Desktop), I can log out without problems.

Also, when I copy some other (random) files into ...\username\SendTo, I 
can log out without problems.

The files in question in that directory are:

3½-Diskette (A).lnk
Desktop (Verknüpfung erstellen).DeskLink
Eigene Dateien.mydocs

When logging out, an error window shows up, and in Samba [profile] dir 
for the user, in SendTo, are some random temporary files (names like 
prf7EE.tmp, prf7EF.tmp etc.).

This is extremely hard to debug - why this happens only for files in 
"C:\Documens and Settings\username\SendTo"?

Tomasz Chmielewski

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