[Samba] Vanishing options in hp printer drivers

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Fri Mar 9 07:36:37 GMT 2007

Martin Bene schrieb:
> We're using a couple of HP printers (2200, 4200, 3390) using the HP PCL
> 6 printer driver.
> Printer drivers are installed on the samba (3.0.24) box, connecting,
> driver installation and printing work OK.
> Problem: using the same driver version with the printer shared by a
> windows box gives some additional options like 
>  - brochure printing
>  - putting serveral pages on one sheet
> Any Idea why those options are gone from printer settings if the printer
> is sahred by a samba box and/or how to get them back?
> Thanks, Martin

You'll also miss options like "watermark" and so. All options that are 
provided by a custom PrintProcessor are missing.
The driver asks the print processor about it's features and Samba (which 
"emulates" the dump winprint print processor) responses with a very 
limited set of features.

Unfortunatly there's no way to force Windows to execute print processor 
locally with remotly shared queues.

~ Martin

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