[Samba] Q: Samba Proxy or SAMBA Cluster?

Otmar Spoettel otmar.spoettel at gmx.de
Thu Mar 8 13:05:57 GMT 2007


we have here a SAMBA Server with Shares for worldwide Projects.
Now the problem is the slow access from some branches.

We have now the idea to use a CIFS Proxy or a Cluster to provide the 
files localy.

The Idea:

The main samba server holds all files and all user information. The CIFS 
Proxy in the remote location have a copy of all files and a copy of the 
user database.

If a user open a file the file will be locked on all servers (main 
server and all cifs proxy). If the user write a file (new file or file 
change) the file will be still locked until the file is written on all 

It hears simple, but there are many problems. What happens, when the 
connection go down, the main server due to maintanace will be shut off, 
a client dies while he edit a file...

Is there a working solution available (Samba3)?


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