[Samba] OS/2 Warp 4 Access Issues

Michael Powell mlp at fewpb.net
Sat Jun 30 14:29:14 GMT 2007

Sometime not too long ago, I installed a new security release of samba on my
debian box.  Shortly after, I realized that my OS/2 Warp 4 box was no longer 
able to access the shares on my debian box.  The OS/2 system is still able to
access shares on other (Win9x) machines.

I asked around about this issue on an OS/2 list.  Although no one there was 
sure what might have caused it to quit working, they suggested that there
was possibly a security issue with one of the older protocols which allowed
OS/2 to access the shares.  They suggested that OS/2 uses drivers not updated 
since the NT 3.x days, and that one might now be turned off by default by Samba,
and that there might be a setting I could re-enable that would allow OS/2 to
regain access to the shares.

Is this a known "issue"?  If so, does anyone know what the work-around is, if


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