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Cardon Denis denis.cardon at tranquilitsystems.com
Thu Jun 28 14:39:29 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,

>>> Thanks .... that is good to hear and know.
>>> The Power User is a local group = you would need to add the user(s) on 
>>> all the computers onto the group Power Users. I am not able to say if 
>>> this will work out with a policy.
>> You can't add a domain group to the local Power Users group and then
>> add/remove users from the domain group?  I think that works.
> If you want to give Power Users powers on all machines to all those
> users that's the way to go.
> But are you sure you want to give Power User privs to Joe on Jane's
> machine?

I guess you may use wpkg service (http://wpkg.org/) with custom script
to change local group membership from a centralized place. In your
script, a commmand like below should do it (not sure about the syntax
though) :
net localgroup "mylocalgroup" "mypoweruser" /ADD



> Simo.

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