[Samba] Samba and LDAP: Trouble adding Win XP machines to the domain

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Tue Jun 26 23:14:23 GMT 2007

Just to make it clear that its not normal a system really need to have 
accounts created that way. I dont think is a good idea to call a 
workaround used on a system that someone didnt got it working properly 
(who knows why) as a solution, samba works very fine creating 
workstation accounts automatically when joining the clients and can even 
use accounts other than root trough privileges to join the client.

The list has several posts about that and the samba documentation shows 
how to do that automatically and manually.

But anyway if the user that asked simply said that its fine for him that 
way, and dropped the thread ...


Edmundo Valle Neto

mikelOn escreveu:
> Great!!!
> I have created a couple of machine accounts through the LAM utility and I
> have eventually been able to join the domain.
> Thank you very much for your help.
> John Drescher-2 wrote:
>> I have had the same problem with a similar setup for at least 3 years.
>> My solution is to create the account for the windows workstation
>> either via the smbldap-useradd and the linux useradd commands or a gui
>> wizard that does this for me. I currently use ldap-account-manager
>> http://lam.sourceforge.net/ for as well as user management. And then
>> after the account is created the windows add to domain boxes work.
>> John
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