[Samba] migrating samba files, preserving permissions

sharif islam sharif.islam at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 17:55:59 GMT 2007

On 6/26/07, Adam Tauno Williams <adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is there a way to migrate the files and shares and preserve the AD
> > group permissions? scp retains the modification time and such, but not
> > the AD group information.
> Your question is too vague to give a solid answer, but, just backup and
> restore with a tool (NOT ssh, tar, etc...) that supports EA.  If your
> source filesystem is a Samba system then using star in exustar mode
> should work.  If you are coming from a real Windows box then you
> probably need to backup and restore with a Windows utility.

Sorry for not being clear. Here's more information.

We are moving the samba server to a different linux machine, but
authenticating against the same Active Directory.  In the conf file,
we have  idmap uid = 10000-600000. For instance, my uid is 10001 in
the old machine. However, in the new machine, it is, lets say 10004.
How would I make sure that the new uid/gid is mapping to the same
windows sid? I saw a tool called tdbdump. If I copy the winbind cache
from the old machine and use it in the new machine, will that keep the
same mapping?


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