[Samba] Notes when changing network IP Addresses

Mike Petersen mgpeter at pcc-services.com
Tue Jun 26 16:03:37 GMT 2007

I struggled for this for a few hours, so in case anyone else has this
problem in the future:

I just switched over a network from public IP addresses to a private
subnet (10.100.X.X).  After which and I started having problems with our
NT Workstations accessing the Backup Domain Controller.

So, I looked at the config for our BDC and everything looked fine,
except whenever I tried to use any net rpc commands I would always get
the "Unable to find a suitable server" error (couldn't rejoin the
domain, etc).  Upon further investigation I also got those errors on the
Primary Domain Controller !?!

All the while, all of our Win2K and WinXP clients worked perfectly.  So,
knowing that when working with a mixed winnt/win2k/winxp network that
the WINS Server had to be specified in a win2k server/clients for any
winnt clients to access them, I re-read the Network Browsing Chapter of
the Samba How-to Collection.

It turns out that the WINS Database on the PDC still had the old IP
Addresses of the PDC and BDC.  So, I stopped the nmb service on the PDC
and deleted the wins database and restarted nmb - everything once again
started working as it should.

Hope this helps a future problem for someone,

Mike Petersen
mgpeter at pcc-services.com

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