[Samba] problem after update 3.0.22 -> 3.0.24

Carsten John cjohn at mpi-bremen.de
Mon Jun 25 08:34:04 GMT 2007

Hello everybody,

we were running into trouble after upgrading our samba PDC to a new
hardware (and a new debian release).

Before the upgrade we used 3.0.22 on a debian sarge machine without

Moving the installation to a new machine with debian etch (amd64, samba
3.0.24-6etch4) worked good at the first look.

A closer look shows the following problems:

- a domain member server (samba 3.0.22) can't be accessed any more. The
samba on the PDC are showing a succeeding auth request for the user, but
the windows box claims access rights problems. This is a minor problem,
as we could temporarily go around that by mounting the necessary
filesystem via NFS to the PDC and exporting them from there.

- our logon script (which uses ifmember.exe  to check the group
membership of the user for printer mapping) does not work any more.
Testing "ifmember.exe /list" directly at the windows command line shows
that group memberships are not reported any more.

- additionally some users are reporting problems accessing shares with
special access groups (couldn't really verify that so far)

Last night I tested the following steps go fix the problem - without
success :-(

- upgraded to 3.0.25 packages from sernet (same problems)
- compiled and installed  3.0.22 on the machine to downgrade. smbd now
claims unknown version of passdb.tdb. Obviously the 3.0.24 smbd upgraded
the file format, that is now unreadable for the old samba daemon.

So far we don't have any netgroup mappings on the server, as they didn't
have been necessary in the past.

Any help would be really appreciated, as I could not play around with
the server so much b'cause it's a highly used production system.



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