[Samba] LDAP

Cybionet cybionet at videotron.ca
Sat Jun 23 19:52:33 GMT 2007

Greeting Adam,

  Humm I'm not agree with this, but it is your opinion (Samba with LDAP 
is simple). It is true that all is complicated when you don't know what 
you do. But **that's a fact, don't completly trust documentation without 
understanding what you do. There are so many wrong or obsolete documents 
on the Net.



Cybionet - Solution reseautique

>> I am wondering if anyone here has a SIMPLE how to on configuring ldap, I
>> have been looking around but the result is one of 2 1. it's way to
>> complicated 2. don't work,
> Did you try the official Samba documentation?
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-Guide/happy.html#id338636
> Yes, it is complicated, because it is complicated.  Don't trust a
> document that tries to obfuscate that fact.
>>  so I am hoping that someone here could share
>> some brain power or kick my sorry butt in the right direction.

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