[Samba] Quota Question

SER.RI-TIC - David Losada david.losada at urv.cat
Mon Jun 18 09:54:01 GMT 2007

Hi Mike,

maybe your first problem is the same problem we are fighting with here.
See the "NFS quotas: truncated files without warning" thread. The
problem we are having happens because the kernel generates the quota
error _not_ while writing the file, but when _closing_ it. Samba
correctly propagates the error, but windows clients ignore it at that

In the thread there's a patch that might be useful for you.

kind regards,

En/na Mike Alborn ha escrit:
> Hi,
> I have several Samba servers running on Linux (Debian Etch) machines
> using 2.6.18 kernel.
> The Samba shares are all on an XFS filesystem, with user and group quota
> support. I have three problems/questions:
> 1. When a user hits their quota limit, they get a "disk full" error.
> 2. When a user checks the free space of the share, they see the space on
> the entire share, rather than the space left under their quota.
> 3. Windows doesn't seem to acknowledge the soft limit at all.
> Only the first item is really a problem (the "disk full" error), as it
> is a source of confusion, both for the user and for the helpdesk.
> Isn't Samba supposed to return a "quota exceeded" message when the user
> has exceeded their quota? If so, why doensn't it?
> I am able to see and set quotas through the Quota tab in Windows, and
> 'smbd -b' shows "WITH_QUOTAS", so I assume the package is compiled with
> quota support.

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