[Samba] Quota Question

Mike Alborn mikealborn at support.sd28.bc.ca
Fri Jun 15 20:35:49 GMT 2007


I have several Samba servers running on Linux (Debian Etch) machines
using 2.6.18 kernel.

The Samba shares are all on an XFS filesystem, with user and group quota
support. I have three problems/questions:

1. When a user hits their quota limit, they get a "disk full" error.

2. When a user checks the free space of the share, they see the space on
the entire share, rather than the space left under their quota.

3. Windows doesn't seem to acknowledge the soft limit at all.

Only the first item is really a problem (the "disk full" error), as it
is a source of confusion, both for the user and for the helpdesk.

Isn't Samba supposed to return a "quota exceeded" message when the user
has exceeded their quota? If so, why doensn't it?

I am able to see and set quotas through the Quota tab in Windows, and
'smbd -b' shows "WITH_QUOTAS", so I assume the package is compiled with
quota support.

Mike Alborn <mikealborn at support.sd28.bc.ca>
School District #28 (Quesnel)

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