[Samba] Very slow initial opening MS-Word and MS-Excel files from Samba

Berend Tober btober at seaworthysys.com
Wed Jun 13 17:08:45 GMT 2007

Aaron Kincer wrote:
> My first question would be does this happen with other applications or 
> strictly Office? 

No one has complained about other apps, which in our case the next most 
heavily used is AutoCAD. I think I would have heard by now if that were 
a problem.

> Do you get the same behavior if you attempt to open a 
> .doc file with Open Office?

The answer is yes to that, but I would estimate that it is a little less 

> Second, have you watched your samba logs in real time (example: tail -f 
> /var/log/samba/<your_pc_log>) as you try to open a file to see what's 
> happening behind the scenes?

I have, and with log level = 5, but I don't really get a lot out that 
data. Do you think posting a sample would be beneficial?

> Lastly, I'm not sure what happens when you use true or false as a value 
> for oplocks and level2 oplocks, but I thought the values were either yes 
> or no.

I've seen both posted in different articles my buddy Google and I turned 
up, and testparm reported no problems, but I'll switch false to no.

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