[Samba] changing DOMAIN name on samba PDC

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Mon Jun 11 20:15:29 GMT 2007

For historic reasons we have a DOMAIN name of 'WORKGROUP'  on our one
server only samba PDC. Now that we have upgradced to 3.0.25

We would like to change this to something more sensible, but are
concerned what the consequences will be for the Win XP Pro workstations
that are currently joined to this domain.

which of the following scenarios will we likely face after the change?

scenario #1 (wishful thinking)
we only change the domain name on the one pdc of the domain and on next
login of a win xp pro workstation it will automagically learn that the
sid of it's domain now 'translates' to a new name and will show this new
domain name in places where it used to say the old name 'WORKGROUP' in
the past.

scenario #2
the right sequence of getlocalsid and setlocalsid before and after the
domain change on the samba pdc, can allow us to 'cheat' and the
workstations can be 'tricked' into preserving the domain trust
relationships and won't need to leave the domain and be re-joined after
the renaming of the domain?

scenario #3
all workstations have to leave the old DOMAIN (does this have to be done
before the rename?). and after the renaming of the main PDC we'll have
to rejoin all windows xp pro workstations to the newly named domain?

scenario #4
any other suggestions or hints on how to best do this, with the least
impact and downtime and admin work coming our way?

Many thanks in advance for any help or pointers on this.

Urs Rau						

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