[Samba] Who is domain controller for DHCP, DNS, IIS etc

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Fri Jun 8 11:24:24 GMT 2007

8 jun 2007 kl. 10:51 skrev Brijesh Shukla:

> I am trying te set up a test lab to test my application.
> In my test lab I need to install Domain Controller (With Active  
> Directory) ,
> DNS server , IIS Server and DHCP server.
> I have to install each server on different test machine.
> for example
> Domain Server(Active Directory) on Machine-1
> DNS server on Machine-2
> IIS Server on Machine-3
> DHCP Server on Machine-4
> for example domain name is "MYLAB.TEST"
> I am confuse after installation,
> Do i need to make Machine-1 as a domain controller for all other  
> server
> server (e.g ..DNS on Machine-2,IIS Server on Machine-3
> DHCP Server on Machine-4)
> If Yes then
> Which machine will boot first
> If I boot my DHCP server first then how could it get its domain  
> controller
> If I boot my Domain Controller first how could it get Dynamicaly  
> address
> from DHCP server..
> Same question for IIS and DNS..
> Do i really need to worry about racing for first boot among the  
> machines...
> Kindly teach me

What does this have to do with samba?

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