[Samba] Re: Join Linux client to Samba PDC domain

Matt sokkerstud_11 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 19:19:38 GMT 2007

> Now I want the same thing in a different environment
> CentOS Samba PDC in domain mode and LDAP
> Windows XP and Vista clients joined to the Samba domain
> Linux File Server (which I don't know how to configure)
> So I want all the Windows clients to be able to access the shares on  
> my LInux File Server but I want my CentOS Samba PDC to handle the  
> authentication with Singel-Sign-On style.
> How would I configure my Linux Files server? security = domain,  
> server, or?
> Thanks,
> Henrik

Hi Henrik,

I just did a similar thing setting up an AIX file server with a Linux-based
Samba PDC.  I'm pretty sure you want to set the Linux file server up as a domain
member server:

You're right on with security=domain.  Then you just have to add the LDAP admin
stuff to the samba config and secrets database (i.e. smbpasswd -w [LDAP admin
passwd goes here], net rpc getsid [domain name here], net rpc join
-Uroot%[password goes here]) and a few other config steps outlined in the link I
put above...

Hopefully that gets you started int he right direction.


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