[Samba] Join Linux client to Samba PDC domain

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Thu Jun 7 10:26:41 GMT 2007

Hi list,

I know this is maybe an awkward question but I wonder if tis possible  
to join linux clients to a samba domain and if so how would I set up  
their smb.conf?

I want to accomplish the same thing in a Samba PDC domain as in an  
Windows ADS domain.

Today I have in one environment
Windows 2003 PDC
Windows XP clients
Linux File Server which is joined to the domain, utilizing winbind,  
kerberos etc.
So all clients can connect to the shares in my Linux File Server and  
all authentication is handled my winbind -> Windows PDC Singel-Sign- 
On style.

Now I want the same thing in a different environment
CentOS Samba PDC in domain mode and LDAP
Windows XP and Vista clients joined to the Samba domain
Linux File Server (which I don't know how to configure)
So I want all the Windows clients to be able to access the shares on  
my LInux File Server but I want my CentOS Samba PDC to handle the  
authentication with Singel-Sign-On style.

How would I configure my Linux Files server? security = domain,  
server, or?


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