[Samba] OES Samba question

Jordan Nielsen jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu
Mon Jun 4 19:33:34 GMT 2007

It seems to be an issue with the NSS file system from Novell. Novell is now
fixing that issue for us. Thanks for your help.


On 6/2/07 11:54 AM, "Jordan Nielsen" <jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu> wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. We have had this happen on multiple systems that are
> connected to different san disks. The directories that seem to have the
> problem are directories that have over a couple hundred files. Here is an
> example of some of the file names in the directory:
>  B07-138 IgG 40X BP.jpg
>  B07-138 IgG 40X BP.jpg_meta.xml
>  B07-145 C3 20X BP.jpg
>  B07-145 C3 20X BP.jpg_meta.xml
> The problem seems to happen with file names that are longer like those
> listed above. 
> Jordan
> On 6/2/07 4:07 AM, "Bernard Peek" <bap at shrdlu.com> wrote:
>> In message <C28612C2.144A%jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu>, Jordan Nielsen
>> <jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu> writes
>>> We are currently running Open Enterprise Server from Novell and have been
>>> migrating to Samba. We have ran into an issue where occasionally a user will
>>> click on a directory and it will just sit there forever with an hour glass
>>> or flashlight. If you go to the same directory through a command prompt and
>>> do a dir on the directory it goes into a continuous loop and reads the
>>> contents of the directory over and over again.
>>> We are running samba-3.0.20b-3.14 and I was curious if anyone else had seen
>>> this problem.
>> Is it always the same directory, or always on the same disk? I've seen
>> similar symptoms caused by a flaky disk.

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