[Samba] OES Samba question

Jordan Nielsen jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu
Sat Jun 2 17:54:07 GMT 2007

Thanks for the reply. We have had this happen on multiple systems that are
connected to different san disks. The directories that seem to have the
problem are directories that have over a couple hundred files. Here is an
example of some of the file names in the directory:
 B07-138 IgG 40X BP.jpg
 B07-138 IgG 40X BP.jpg_meta.xml
 B07-145 C3 20X BP.jpg
 B07-145 C3 20X BP.jpg_meta.xml

The problem seems to happen with file names that are longer like those
listed above. 


On 6/2/07 4:07 AM, "Bernard Peek" <bap at shrdlu.com> wrote:

> In message <C28612C2.144A%jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu>, Jordan Nielsen
> <jordan.nielsen at hsc.utah.edu> writes
>> We are currently running Open Enterprise Server from Novell and have been
>> migrating to Samba. We have ran into an issue where occasionally a user will
>> click on a directory and it will just sit there forever with an hour glass
>> or flashlight. If you go to the same directory through a command prompt and
>> do a dir on the directory it goes into a continuous loop and reads the
>> contents of the directory over and over again.
>> We are running samba-3.0.20b-3.14 and I was curious if anyone else had seen
>> this problem.
> Is it always the same directory, or always on the same disk? I've seen
> similar symptoms caused by a flaky disk.

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