[Samba] domain or not domain?

Anders Norrbring lists at norrbring.se
Tue Jul 24 19:41:57 GMT 2007

Favero Roger skrev:
> Hi all,
> that's my first post in this mailing list. I'm looking for a very
> special and strange samba configuration (at least from my point of view
> and my experience) and I'm not sure it is possible to reach this goal.
> Anyway, this is my request:
> I'm running a M$ Windows 2003 Serve as PDC with Active Directory and
> file server, and I would like to configure in a Linux machine a
> directory shared either from some domain's user or from some samba
> (only, not domain's user) users. In your opinion is it possible?
> This request is due to the need to let some files available to some
> external agents when they visit our offices, but I don't want to give
> them a Domain account to avoid let them able to browse others shares in
> the windows file server. So, if it is possible to set up a machine where
> I can authenticate either domain's user or not domain's user I solved my
> problem in a easy a clean way.
> Any idea about?

If I understand you correctly, you just need a standalone Samba server? 
Only accounts that are *not* in your PDC will access it?
If that's your goal, it's easy, just set up the Samba server as 
stand-alone, and do not join it in the domain. Then you manage all 
access on that Samba server locally.


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