[Samba] domain or not domain?

Favero Roger roger.favero at alu.com
Tue Jul 24 10:36:11 GMT 2007

Hi all,

that's my first post in this mailing list. I'm looking for a very
special and strange samba configuration (at least from my point of view
and my experience) and I'm not sure it is possible to reach this goal.

Anyway, this is my request:

I'm running a M$ Windows 2003 Serve as PDC with Active Directory and
file server, and I would like to configure in a Linux machine a
directory shared either from some domain's user or from some samba
(only, not domain's user) users. In your opinion is it possible?


This request is due to the need to let some files available to some
external agents when they visit our offices, but I don't want to give
them a Domain account to avoid let them able to browse others shares in
the windows file server. So, if it is possible to set up a machine where
I can authenticate either domain's user or not domain's user I solved my
problem in a easy a clean way.


Any idea about?


Thanks a lot for your help



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