[Samba] odd "Not listening on called name behavior"

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Fri Jul 20 16:10:34 GMT 2007

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Matthew Easton wrote, On 19-07-2007 12:33:
> After migrating from RHEL 3 to Fedora Core 6
> I get the following error message repeatedly
>   libsmb/cliconnect.c:cli_start_connection(1445)  session request to  
> *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening on called name) : 15 Time(s)
> What is *SMBSERVER?  I don't have anything with that name on the  
> network.
>   libsmb/cliconnect.c:cli_start_connection(1445)  session request to  
> DSARABIA-WKS failed (Not listening on called name) : 2 Time(s)
>   libsmb/cliconnect.c:cli_start_connection(1445)  session request to  
> WKS-035 failed (Not listening on called name) : 13 Time(s)
> In smb.conf I have
>     hosts allow =
>     hosts deny =
>     interfaces = eth0 lo
>     bind interfaces only = yes
> The two workstations DSARABIA-WKS and WKS-035 are both members of the  
> domain and have valid IP addresses on the subnet.  They have  
> statically defined leases in DHCP. The only thing I can figure is  
> that they lose their IP address on every reboot, and then try to  
> connect to the server by broadcast before they get an address.
> Is that even possible?

	Hmmm, not sure but the smb.conf man pages says that the
'hosts allow' parameter is a comma separated list, *maybe* that
could be the cause of your problem.

	And I don't think that your workstations are trying to
access the server without an IP address, if you set the IP
address without the DHCP, does the error still appears?

	Kind regards,
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