[Samba] Prewin2kname with samba

Kaustubh Chaudhari c_kitu at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jul 19 11:24:23 GMT 2007

Hi All,

I create a user in windows2k3 AD server whose Name is "test" Logon name 
is "win2k3test"  and Pre-win2k name is "testprewin2k" (You get all this 
options when you create user in AD)

My samba is connected with this AD every thing works fine but when i Do 
wbinfo -u i can see the prewin2kname of the user ie: "testprewin2k" and 
not the "win2k3test" not sure what is the reason for this.
Even i can access the share with this prewin2k name and not with 
"win2k3test" user.

wbinfo -a win2k3test%testpasswd-----fails

wbinfo -a testprewin2k%testpasswd----works fine

May be there is some concept behind this but i was not able to find the 
same can any one of you re-direct me to the same or explain it.

Thanks for you all help.

Kind Regards,

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