[Samba] ACLs over NFSv4 and Samba

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Tue Jul 17 13:55:36 GMT 2007

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 09:42:32AM -0400, Daniel Corbe wrote:
> Sun v440s running Solaris and ZFS as dedicated storage machines.  NFSv4 does
> support POSIX ACLs so we would export the file systems to the rest of the
> network.  We can then run (and reduce the total number of instances of)
> samba on dedicated Linux servers.

You want to import NFS on Linux and re-export it via Samba?
I wouldn't do that, I'd install Samba directly on the
Solaris boxes. Might need a bit more memory on those boxes,
but it will definitely perform better that way with less
overall hardware. And, there's initial support for NFSv4
ACLs on ZFS managed via Samba, a thing that will definitely
not work across NFS.

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