[Samba] ACLs over NFSv4 and Samba

Daniel Corbe daniel.junkmail at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 13:42:32 GMT 2007

>From what I've read so far Samba supports POSIX ACLs, correct?  If so, will
they work over NFSv4 exports?
The reason I'm asking is as follows:

We're considering redoing our storage systems which currently also house
Samba servers.  These are currently running on Linux boxes with NFS exports
to the rest of our networks.  Many machines with massive amounts of storage,
one Samba instance per box.

If we were to re-do this it would look something like:

Sun v440s running Solaris and ZFS as dedicated storage machines.  NFSv4 does
support POSIX ACLs so we would export the file systems to the rest of the
network.  We can then run (and reduce the total number of instances of)
samba on dedicated Linux servers.

We like the idea of reducing the number of samba servers on our network and
we like the idea of running ZFS so that we can better manage our storage.
 Sort of like a poor man's EMC.

Thanks for responding.


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