[Samba] Samba v3.0.23a BROKE my network

Brian H. Nelson bnelson at cis.ysu.edu
Fri Jan 26 20:36:23 GMT 2007

Chris Hall wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 you wrote
> *snip*
> I had a configuration that worked pre .23 but now suddenly did not work.
> What I needed to know was that with .23 it is ESSENTIAL that groupmap
> settings are made for a small number of groups.
> Even better, it would have been good to know that without those groupmap
> settings, users would not be able to log on.

Could someone explain why these group maps are essential, and exactly 
why the lack of them made logins break for Chris's network? Does it have 
anything to do with roaming profiles?

I ask because I have a very similar setup. I am running 3.0.23c 
(upgraded from .21something, and .14 before that). I have never mapped 
any groups by hand and I have not experienced any problems with logins. 
I double checked today, and both 'net group' and 'net groupmap list' 
return nothing (no groups defined).

I'm not trying to be devil's advocate here. It really seems like Chris 
may have had a special situation that caused his problems. If that is 
the case, it would be beneficial to identify it, and perhaps that info 
could go into the release notes for future versions.

On the other hand, if I'm the special case, I'd like to figure out why 
so I don't have problems in the future.


Brian H. Nelson         Youngstown State University
System Administrator   Media and Academic Computing

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