[Samba] Samba v3.0.23a BROKE my network

Necos Secon secon_kun at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 27 20:26:15 GMT 2007

If I recall, in the release notes for .23, there was a note about requiring 
the groupmaps since all accounts that were local to the machine running 
Samba would be given a new SID (S-1-22 or something similar). I believe this 
is to emulate the same local/global account setup that exists in NT4 

>From: "Brian H. Nelson" <bnelson at cis.ysu.edu>
>To: Chris Hall <chris.hall at halldom.com>
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>Subject: Re: [Samba] Samba v3.0.23a BROKE my network
>Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 15:36:23 -0500
>Chris Hall wrote:
>>On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 you wrote
>>   *snip*
>>I had a configuration that worked pre .23 but now suddenly did not work.
>>What I needed to know was that with .23 it is ESSENTIAL that groupmap
>>settings are made for a small number of groups.
>>Even better, it would have been good to know that without those groupmap
>>settings, users would not be able to log on.
>Could someone explain why these group maps are essential, and exactly why 
>the lack of them made logins break for Chris's network? Does it have 
>anything to do with roaming profiles?
>I ask because I have a very similar setup. I am running 3.0.23c (upgraded 
>from .21something, and .14 before that). I have never mapped any groups by 
>hand and I have not experienced any problems with logins. I double checked 
>today, and both 'net group' and 'net groupmap list' return nothing (no 
>groups defined).
>I'm not trying to be devil's advocate here. It really seems like Chris may 
>have had a special situation that caused his problems. If that is the case, 
>it would be beneficial to identify it, and perhaps that info could go into 
>the release notes for future versions.
>On the other hand, if I'm the special case, I'd like to figure out why so I 
>don't have problems in the future.
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