[Samba] Giving AD group members access to Samba server

Toby Bluhm tkbsmb at midwestinstruments.com
Thu Jan 25 20:27:29 GMT 2007

Joshua Penix wrote:
> Here's my situation, hoping that some of you who are running Samba in 
> an AD environment will have insight:
> Samba is acting as a member file server in an AD domain. In addition 
> to the domain containing Samba, there are two other domains in the AD 
> forest. All three domains have full trust between them. Each domain 
> has a Global Security Group called ACAD_ENGR. Samba (through winbind) 
> sees them as DOM1+ACAD_ENGR, DOM2+ACAD_ENGR, and DOM3+ACAD_ENGR. I'd 
> like members from all three groups to have write access to a 
> particular directory. This needs to be done with filesystem 
> permissions, not share permissions, because underneath each directory 
> there are further subdirectories that have varying access rights 
> matched to other groups in the three domains.
> Thoughts? Is this possible with Samba?
> --Joshua Penix                                http://www.binarytribe.com
> Binary Tribe           Linux Integration Services & Network Consulting

Have you tried using ACLs?



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