[Samba] TCP Bad checksum packets on ports 445

Guillaume CHAUSSY chaussy at domisys.com
Thu Jan 25 16:54:25 GMT 2007


I'm observing slowdown on my network, so I started some tcpdump sessions 
to see what is happening on my main box, which hosts a samba PDC server, 
DNS, NTP and SSH servers.

viewing those sessions with ethereal, I see that approx 10% of the net 
traffic is bad packets.

Those Packets are tagged 'Bad Checksum'. The whole packets come from the 
server to the clients, from port 445 or 139 to an unprivileged port.

None of the SSH DNS or NTP contain these errors.

Has anyone already heard about that ? I googled a moment, but didn't 
find relevant information...

My samba : 3.0.14a-3sarge2
It is backended on an OpenLDAP server (Debian too).

Thanks for your answers,

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