[Samba] tree connect failled: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Thu Jan 25 13:26:00 GMT 2007

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On 01/24/2007 07:22 PM, GNUtoo at no-log.org escreveu:
> i have recently switched to ldap backend for passwords
> smbldap-useradd,smbldap-passwd works without error messages...
> but when i try to connect from linux it gives me the following error
> XXXXX:tree connect failled: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
> XXXXX can be remplaced with diffferent numbers such as
> 10270
> 11202
> 11318
> 11750
> ...evry time the number of the errors change i don't know why
> i have only tryed it with username that are valid unix usernames
> (i don't know if smbldap create the unix usernames for me) and the samba
> and unix password are the same

	Perhaps you could sent an user LDAP entry from your
database so we can check if it is OK?

	Another point, is your unix auth configuration to use LDAP
(libnss, pam_ldap, and so on). Do you see any other errors in your
server logs with regards to the linux client?

	Kind regards,

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