[Samba] Assign different shells to

M Azer azermina at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 14:32:47 GMT 2007

Thanks for the reply - your idea is exactly want i want to do . I am setting
up default winbind to no shell "/sbin/false" - the question how do i
accomplish the secaond have of your answer which is to give certain users
access to the shell "/bin/bash" - winbind users don't appear in
"/etc/passwd" thats why I can't just user " usermod -s /bin/bash username"

does anybody know who to give certain winbind users access to the shell
while the global setting in smb.conf is set to "/sbin/false"


On 1/21/07, Tim Boneko <lists at boneko.de> wrote:
> M Azer schrieb:
> > However, there are some users that require shell
> > access. How can I set a real shell for those domain
> > users that need a shell on the machine ?
> Hello!
> I don't have winbind installed and can't test it, but what about this
> idea:
> If winbind allowed to use some sort of default shell setting (like
> reading the shell from /etc/passwd), it should be possible to set a
> different shell for each user there and configure a "winbind default
> shell" like /bin/false for the rest of the users.
> The english section of my brain seems a bit sleepy today. Did you get my
> idea? And: is it any worth?
>         timbo
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