[Samba] migrating to a new server with LDAP

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Fri Jan 19 16:45:07 GMT 2007

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On 01/19/2007 01:21 PM, John Baker escreveu:
> Thanks very much for your reply.

	You are welcome.

> The LDAP server is running Ubuntu breezy and packages are 
> up to date so it should be ok.
> Finding the right section on the Samba3 by example helps. :)


> Now according to "replacing a Domain Controller" under 
> "Migrating Samba-3 to a new server" I can just " Copy
> the |secrets.tdb| file, the |smbpasswd| file (if it is
> used), the |/etc/samba/passdb.tdb| file (only used by
> the |tdbsam| backend), and all the tdb control files
> from the old system to the correct location on the new
> system."

	Yep, sounds like what you have to do.

> But I need to be able to test it in the production 
> environment because I have to hook it into the current
> ldap server. (I can't practically rebuild that in a lab)

	Hmmmm, don't get me wrong. When I say lab, I do
not mean it phisically. If you are able to isolate the
new server and one workstation on a VLAN or on a small
hub, you can test it on a "lab". ;)

> So, then for being able to test it in place while the 
> other server continues to function what would you say
> is the best strategy?

	I still think, that if you can get a notebook
from your company and connect it using a cross cable
to the new server, or something like that, you really
have the chance to do the best test, or if you can do
that at night or at the weekend, that's the best way
to be sure that the new server will work smoothly.

> This is why I was thinking of using the process for 
> making a BDC and then renaming it and setting all
> the other configuration parameters to what the
> current server has after its been tested and the
> other one is ready to come down.

	Technically speaking, there is a practical
difference between PDC and BDC, and considering the
entire set of Murphy's Laws, it could not work the
way you expect.

> This particular server sits in the middle of the 
> network and hosts everyone's mail spool and file
> storage. Samba is just used to allow users to
> mount their home directories from other machines.
> All the other essential network services take
> place elsewhere.
> So its not a terribly complicated setup. I only 
> need to be sure that I can create new uses accounts
> and mount drives via LDAP authentication.

	I think you will get that pretty easily. It's
just a matter to do a few tests, check the logs and
get everything running on your new shiny setup.

> Thanks again

	Kind regards,

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