[Samba] smbldap-useradd question

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Thu Jan 18 13:09:59 GMT 2007

Hi Jason,

If you are using ldap as your samba backend you do not need to add unix 
users, as it can be resolved through pam;

This is done through the nsswitch.conf file, you might have something like:
passwd:         files ldap
shadow:         files ldap
group:          files ldap

Which means users are looked up through /etc/passwd, then it will check 

You can veryify that this is working correctly by trying a few thing..

root> getent passwd
root> getent group

This will show you that users in the ldap database are been resolved through 

Finally you could try root> id username

As everything is resolved through pam, treat LDAP users like normal users 
( I dought you have given them shell access) so you can just configure your 
mail server as per usual, and use the LDAP users.

This is a Samba List, so you may need to try another list or read the docs 
in regards to setting up your mail server and imap client. If you are 
wanting to have users mail box in their home folder you may need to use 
procmail for this.


Adrian Sender.

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>I have Samba 3 setup to work with LDAP and I am using the IdealX tools to 
>create new users. If I issue the command /./smbldap-useradd -m -a -c "User 
>Name" username/, then my new user is added, but I do not see the user in 
>//etc/passwd/ and there is no entry in //var/mail/. Do I need to create a 
>Unix account for this user also? They already have a /home directory. If I 
>want a mail box for the user, could I just create one manually?
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