[Samba] samba storing filenames as utf8

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Wed Jan 17 16:47:40 GMT 2007

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On 01/16/2007 11:29 AM, umesh at pramati.com escreveu:
> Hi All
> I hope, you will help me for small problem (big problem for 
> me).  I don't know exactly, where the problem is. Situation -
> I need to setup samba as a domain controller

	Ok, did you already read the Samba Official HOWTO?
It has important information, including the steps to achieve
what you want.


>   I had a samba domain controller , due to poor performance 
> and disk space i migrated to a new linux system . i configured
> accordingly the previous setup but when i am adding the windows
> xp system into the domain i am getting "The user could not be
> found " where as i am able to access's the samba share using
> the root user name and that passwd

	How did you migrate tha accounts?

	Which version of Samba are you using? Are you using LDAP?
How is your smb.conf configured? What about the logs?

> can anybody help me ?
> Thanks
> umesh

	Please, take a look at the documentation and then provide
information about what you have on your hands, so we can help you.

	Kind regards,

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