[Samba] Windows XP cannot load roaming profile

Jiri Vyskocil svzj at centrum.cz
Sun Jan 14 11:15:46 GMT 2007

>Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>> On Sunday 14 January 2007 07:24, Gary Dale wrote:
>>   >> Try adding "set acls = yes" to smb.conf and restarting Samba.
>>>     >
>> Are you sure this is correct? I can't find that option in the man page.
There > is, however, a "profile acls" option.
>> (In v 3.0.23 anyway)
>>   You're right. My mistake. Make the change and it should work.

I know about "profile acls = yes" option and have it set (see
http://public.toh.cz/samba/smb.conf). I put it in both [general] and
[profiles] section, the correct location is probably [general], because
testparm shows it there (set to Yes). Still, the problem persists.

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