[Samba] Logon script problem

Christophe Raluy c.raluy at cht.nc
Fri Jan 12 05:00:06 GMT 2007

I've changed my Samba Server 2.2.7a on a Mandrake 9.1 (2.4.21) for a 
Samba server 3.0.20-3.1 (with samba-vscan-clamav-3.0.20-3.1) on a 
Mandrake 2006 (2.6.12). I've always used for the samba clients (WXP pro) 
the logon scripts created by make_logon_script. In this script, I used 
to use the commands  listed below:
net use K: \\PDC\share
route add <network> mask <mask> <gateway>
Now the command 'net use' always works fine but the route command  
returns an error message like (i translate from french, sorry :-)
"Route add has failed: network access denied"
Does anybody knows this problem ?
Thanks for reply
Best regards

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