[Samba] Migrate W 2K users and user group to samba

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Fri Jan 12 00:53:05 GMT 2007

Winanjaya - CBN wrote:
>  Dear Expert,
>  Currently I am running Windows 2000 AS SP4 as PDC, I also had samba
>  (samba-3.0.21b-2) on FC5 .. I planed to change the W 2K PDC to
>  samba.. is it possible to migrate all user accounts, user group from
>  Windows 2000 AS to samba? if so .. could any body please help?
>  Thanks & Regards Winanjaya
Expert? Probably not, but do a search on the net rpc vampire command.

net rpc vampire -S [NT netbios name or IP] -W [domainname] 

should do the trick.

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